Anne Meyer
January 13th 2021 15:00

Dr. Anne Meyer

Dr. Anne S. Meyer is an Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Rochester, USA. Dr. Meyer received her Ph.D. in Biological Sciences at Stanford University (USA) in 2005. She was a postdoctoral fellow in the
Department of Biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA).

Her research focuses on using quantitative techniques in the fields of biochemistry, microbiology, and biophysics to study structural dynamics, macromolecular interactions, and physiological responses of organisms to environmental stressors. She
also uses tools of synthetic biology to engineer novel functions into
microorganisms, with a particular focus on the production of improved,
tunable biomaterials and the development of new tools for 3D patterning of bacteria.

Hear from Dr. Anne Meyer about her work on living materials 3D printed into structures that behave like biofilms, for example opening the possibility for using them as a standardized way to test new antibiotic drugs, among many possible applications.

This is the first of series of conversations with Dr. Anne Meyer and other leading scientists.

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For centuries the power of science has driven us forward. It has unlocked the secrets of the natural world and driven innovation. Robust scientific research serves as the foundation for progress.

New materials which are in symbiosis with nature, will play an elementary role in the progress towards solving the SDGs. We at nextness believe that advanced materials have the ability to solve the world’s most fundamental challenges.

We call these materials - regenerative materials.

What Do We Do?

nextness exists to bring the people together to develop and scale regenerative materials to solve the world's biggest challenges.

Scientists, providing the deep knowledge required. Entrepreneurs, building solutions based on science. Investors, providing the capital required to scale.

In a series of exclusive events featuring the leading scientists in the field from around the globe, you have the opportunity for building intellectual capital and social capital towards a world of regenerative materials.

The Program

Once a month we assemble a small group of leaders from venture capital, science and entrepreneurship to learn, discuss and connect. Together we will learn about developments in TRL3-5 which have the potential to change markets and industries and discuss practical applications.

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